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In 2014 China hotel supplies exhibition will start on November 12

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Holding time: 2014-11-12-2014-11-12

Expo exhibition complex exhibition location: China (national conference and exhibition center (Shanghai))

Convention and exhibition cities: Shanghai

Contact: contact: China (Shanghai) international hotel equipment and supplies sourcing fair PLF project address: Shanghai jing 'an district CITS Beijing west road no. 1277 building, room 1308 (200040) contacts: feng DongMing 13122552507 phone: 021-64205961 fax: 021-64205361 email: QQ: 1054479953

Exhibition categories: hotel supplies

Other information:; General exhibition; ; A year;

Exhibition range: electrical and mechanical equipment, hotel elv integration equipment, commercial kitchen equipment and supplies, desktop supplies, hotel furniture, hotel textile, sanitary equipment, decoration materials and supplies, hotel guest room appliances and supplies, hotel cleaning equipment and supplies, hotel supplies, food and drinks

Exhibition profile: "China (Shanghai) international hotel equipment and supplies sourcing fair (HSF)" is only for the hotel provides solution preparation and modification of the exhibition, covers electrical and mechanical, IT, hotel equipment, hotel supplies, hotels, catering and other various aspects, is the domestic hotel industry system, the most professional hotel industry event.

The China (Shanghai) international hotel equipment and supplies sourcing fair had the opportunity to cooperate with Shanghai expo co., LTD., to join the first exhibition Shanghai fashion life consumption, become a high-end supplies display of the plates.

The first life consumption of Shanghai fashion exhibition in 2014 on November 12 solstice 16, held in the national convention center (Shanghai), five days. The exhibition brings together the "auto", "art investment", "real estate", "home", "MingTeXinYou", "household gift", "PDC creative life experience", and other sectors, covering the areas of public life consumption. Exhibition area of 100000 square meters, is expected to attract 200000 from Shanghai and its surrounding, and high-end fashion consumer users across the country to visit.