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Beijing capital tourism hotel group and nanyuan holding group formally the material assets reorganization

Source: Date:2015-8-14 10:37:11 viewed: 1

Approved by both parties and the Beijing municipal state-owned assets supervision and administration by the board of directors, Beijing Beijing capital tourism group, Beijing capital tourism hotel (group) of listed companies and nanyuan holding group, zhejiang ningbo nanyuan group co., LTD. Asset reorganization agreement signing ceremony held in Beijing hotel on December 8.

The implementation of asset reorganization. The third plenary session of the spirit, to achieve the win-win. First of all, is a bold attempt to develop a mixed sector of the economy. Beijing capital tourism group with state-backed, is the strongest comprehensive strength in China's travel service industry enterprise group, one of China top 500 enterprises. Beijing capital tourism hotel (group) as Beijing capital tourism group, a listed company, the current management of the hotel, more than 100, came out on top in the ranking of Chinese hotel group. Ningbo nanyuan group after 20 years of development, has become China's top 40 hotel group. Through assets restructuring state-owned enterprises its powerful ability of resource integration, plan global live with corporation mechanism, the advantages of fast response to market closely together, realize the complementary advantages and win-win cooperation. Next, it is an effective way to private enterprises out of the woods. At present, affected by many factors together, part of the development of private enterprises encountered many new problems, especially the high-end hotel industry into the depth adjustment as a whole. Through the marketization of merger, acquisition and reorganization, can inject fresh blood for the private enterprise and strong vitality, enhance core competitiveness, is the privately operated economy steady growth, promote the transformation and development of effective path. Third, it is bigger and stronger nanyuan the solid backing of the brand. "Nanyuan" is the first five-star hotel in zhejiang province and ningbo well-known domestic brands. Through asset reorganization, "nanyuan" brand preserved, ningbo is still "nanyuan" headquarters, and the largest domestic tourism enterprises support, is beneficial to create "Beijing capital tourism nanyuan, faster and more sustainable development. Fourth, is an important part of the Beijing capital tourism group hotel expansion. Beijing capital tourism cooperation with nanyuan, will be in ningbo as a starting point, through the "brand + capital" development strategy, to realize the strategic layout in the southern region, bigger and stronger with the nanyuan hotel brand, build excellent national brands in the hospitality industry in China. Finally, ningbo city is to improve the level of economic development favorable opportunity. As the strongest comprehensive strength in China travel service enterprise group, through the assets reorganization and nanyuan group, the capital of tourism group located in ningbo, for the first time to bring tourism service industry advanced management concept and powerful resources safeguard, also provides a powerful push to the development of ningbo city economy.