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Shenzhen Rick Hotel Equipment Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in commercial kitchen equipment and the whole kitchen in the development, design, production, installation, sales and service company. The company desired cooking habits of potential years of painstaking research and customer requirements and the chef cooking food, market-oriented, innovation as the driving force for the user to save operating costs and profit, combined with well-known international companies and domestic large-scale kitchen kitchenware the company successfully launched a series of high-quality low-cost gas, electric, electromagnetic in the Western kitchen utensils, widely used in star hotels, government offices and restaurant chains, the performance characteristics of their products as innovation, energy saving and environmental protection, aesthetic, health, practical .

Rick hotel equipment company main production facilities are: fried stove, double oven fried, oven fried single head, electromagnetic Rick Western equipment in the structural design of the first NSF system and strictly in accordance with the requirements of ergonomics, a large number molding and the rounded cylinder and countertops, facade, in addition to traditional kitchen hygiene is difficult to clean up dead, increases the strength and appearance of the product. Secondly, the introduction of well-developed inner Rick patent premixed gas burner ignition, saving more than 20%, even strong firepower, low noise, stable operation, operating cost savings for customers.Also in the key components of the design, we strive for excellence, to ensure that the fire control system can precisely control temperature, humidity and time, and timely feedback cooking exception, to protect the safety of cooking. For the Chinese the most widely used in cooking and steam cabinet speculation furnace to achieve manual dual control system, stable and secure. In particular the company's patented intelligent combination of steamer according to current culinary ingredients automatically adjust fire, temperature and cooking time required. As one tank and flue patent steam generators, steam cabinet intelligent combination of energy-saving than traditional steam cabinet more than 40%.

Quality and service is the life. Rick's product design and manufacturing processes at the leading domestic level, pro manufacturing processes at the leading domestic level, product quality excellent.

     The company advocates "innovation, progress, unity and dedication" spirit of enterprise, with good management mechanism and incentive system to attract a number of high-quality, high-level, high efficiency talent. Our company is willing to sincerely cooperate with domestic and foreign colleagues Chester, creating a win-win! duct quality excellent.
     The company advocates "innovation, progress, unity and dedication" spirit of enterprise, with good management mechanism and incentive system to attract a number of high-quality, high-level, high efficiency talent. Our company is willing to sincerely cooperate with domestic and foreign colleagues Chester, creating a win-win!